Circular No.IMU-HQ/R/12/28/1/2018-Admin(HQ) dt. 04.01.2019


Adherence of Bio-metric Attendance Rules - Reg


 Circular No.IMU-HQ/12/43/1/2018-Admin(HQ) dt. 01.01.2019


Optional & Restricted Holidays observed in IMU during the year 2019 - Reg


 Circular No.IMU-HQ/12/43/1/2018-Admin(HQ)/01 dt. 29.01.2019


Amendment for Optional & Restricted Holidays in IMU HQ for the year 2019 - Reg


 Circular No.IMU-HQ/12/43/1/2018-Admin(HQ) dt. 14.12.2018


List of Compulsory Holidays for the year 2019 - Reg


 Group Medical Insurance


Application for availing group medical insurance


 Circular No.HQ-Admn-06/2018


Cut off dates for Biometeric Attendance - reg.


 Circular No.HQ-Admn-2/2018


Announcement of change of Holiday on Pongal/Makara Sankranti on 15.1.2018 - reg.


  List of Holidays 2018


List of Holidays 2018
List of Restricted Holidays - 2018


  UGC Lr. dt. 22.05.2017


Letter from the Secretary, UGC regarding the ceiling prices of Coronary Stents


  Circular dt. 28.04.2017


Format for Deemed Deputationists for processing Pension proposals - Reg.


  Circular dt. 25.04.2017


Amendment to 'Ordinance Governing the Control and Appeal of the Employees of the University' - Reg.


  List of Holidays 2017


List of Holidays 2017


  Circular dt. 19.10.2016


Latest clarifications of the Ministry of Shipping with regard to the service conditions of 'Deemed Deputationists' in IMU in partial modification of the Ministry's Order No.ST-14011/8/2008-MT dated 8.10.2009 - Reg.


  Circular dt. 19.10.2016


Executive Council's resolution regarding DMET Mess Employees of IMU Kolkata and IMU Mumbai Campus - Reg.


  Circular dt. 07.10.2016


Important Notice for Students of B.Sc(NS), PGDME and the 2 MBAs of IMU Cochin Campus - Reg.


  Circular dt. 03.10.2016


Use of new email accounts of IMU - Deactivation of old email accounts - Reg.


  Circular dt. 21.09.2016


IMU's 9th Foundation Day Celebrations on 14th November 2016 - Reg.


  Circular dt. 13.09.2016


Correspondence between IMU Campuses and IMU HQ - Procedure to be followed - Reg.


  Circular dt. 14.06.2016


Establishment of Wireless Network in IMU Campuses - Reg.



  Circular dt. 04.05.2016


IMU - New system of Online Students' Griievance Registration System - timely redressal of grievances by Campus Directors - Reg.



  Circular dt. 13.04.2016

Creation of new email accounts for all Officers, Faculty and Staff of IMU - Reg.


  Circular dt. 13.04.2016


Establishment of Desktop-based Video Conferencing facility for use at IMU HQ and IMU Campuses.


  Circular dt. 17.03.2016


Constitution of Various Committee as per the Ordinance prescribing the Delegation of Financial powers to the Officers of the Indian Maritime University Campuses - Reg.


  List of Holidays 2016


List of Holidays 2016







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