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Indian Maritime University, Navi Mumbai Campus was formerly known as the Training Ship Chanakya.


T.S.Chanakya is the shore based successor to the Training Ship Rajendra and the grand old lady of Indian Shipping, Training Ship Dufferin, where the training of Merchant Navy Officers in India started in the year 1927. Training on T.S. Dufferin and subsequently T.S. Rajendra continued till the year 1993, when it was replaced by Training Ship Chanakya. It is the first pre-sea training institution in India. Originally, it was under the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai in the Ministry of Shipping.


Details of Alumni occupying high position in the Maritime field


Capt J. C. Anand, Ex-Chairman of Indian Register of Shipping (IRS); Capt P. S. Barve, Former Nautical Advisor with the Govt of India; Capt N.A. Hiranandani, Secretary General, DRACEA (Dufferin, Rajendra & Chanakya Ex Cadets Association); Capt H. Subramaniam, Ex Principal of LBS College & Ex Capt Superintendent, T.S. Rajendra; Capt T.K. Joseph, Ex- Principal of LBS College & Ex Capt Superintendent, T.S. Rajendra.


Mr. A.Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director, Indian Register of Shipping, Mr. Sanyal, Ex-Director, MERI and Mr. B.N. Bera, Ex-Director, MERI & Mr. S.Mukhopadhyay, Ex-Director, MERI.




T.S.Chanakya is the successor of T.S. Rajendra and T.S. Dufferin. It is the first pre-sea training institution in India, which was established in the year 1927. T.S. Chanakya is a shore based Academy which conducts 3 year B.Sc. degree course in Nautical Science and one year DNS programme leading to B.Sc. degree in Nautical Science. The syllabus is drawn up with a view to give broad based marine education, with special emphasis on fundamentals of marine subjects and practical aspects of the profession. The training programme is so designed, to inculcate officer like qualities and high sense of discipline amongst the cadets/students. Physical training is an essential part of the curriculum to keep them fit to undertake the tough and adventurous career at sea.


The following programmes are offered at present at T.S.Chanakya:


      Three years B.Sc. (Nautical Sciences) degree Course.
      One year Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS).
      Two years M.Sc (Commercial Shipping and Logistics) Course.
      Advanced Fire Fighting Course.
      GMDSS Course.
      Basic modular courses for in- house cadets :
      Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting.
      Personal Safety & Social Reasonability.
      Personal Survival Technique.
      Elementary First Aid.


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