[As per Statute 13 (6)]





Details of Composition


Details of Members








Vice Chancellor

Prof. K. M. Sivakholundu




Pro Vice Chancellor





Deans of Schools of Studies







Heads of Teaching Departments who are not the Deans


1) Capt Mihir Chandra
    Associate Professor, IMU Mumbai Campus

2) Shri Krishnendu Das
    Associate Professor, IMU Kolkata Campus

3) Dr.A. Mourougane
    Associate Professor, IMU Chennai Campus

4) Dr. Kesavadev Varikattu
    Associate Professor, IMU Kochi Campus


Dean of Student´s Welfare





Capt (IN) A. K. Paluskar (Retd.)
Registrar, IMU











Finance Officer

Shri M. Saravanan
Finance Officer i/c, IMU






All Professors who are not Heads of Teaching departments.




Two Readers who are not Heads of Teaching Departments, by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Vice–Chancellor.




Two Lecturers by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Vice–Chancellor


1) Dr. Abu Talib
    IMU, Mumbai



Representatives of Non–Teaching Staff



Two members of the non–teaching staff, one from among group 'D' Staff and the other from the rest, to be nominated by the Vice–Chancellor.

1) Shri V. Naidu

    Assistant, IMU Vizag

2) Ms K.J. Sreeja

    Assistant Registrar, IMU Cochin



Representatives of Institutions Affiliated to the University



One representative from the affiliated institutions who shall be the head of
the institution, to be nominated by the Vice–Chancellor.


1) Capt. Krishnamurthy N Iyer
    Tolani Maritime Institute, 


Representatives of Parliament



Three Lok Sabha nominees

1) Dr. Jayakumar Jayavardhan, MP, Lok Sabha
2) Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati, MP, Lok Sabha
3) Shri Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu, MP, Lok Sabha



Two Rajya Sabha nominees

1) Shri V. Muralidharan, MP, Rajya Sabha
2) Dr. K.V.P. Ramachandra Rao, MP, Rajya Sabha



Eleven persons representing the Maritime Industries nominated by the Visitor



Indian National Ship Owners' Association (INSA)


1) Shri Anil Devli,


Maritime Association of Ship Owners and Ship Managers Association (MASSA)


2) Capt. Vinay Singh,


Foreign Owners Representatives and Ship Managers Association (FOSMA)


3) Capt. Nivin Passey,


Ship Building Industries


4) Shri Suresh Babu,
    Director (Operations),
    Cochin Ship Yard Ltd


Dredging Industries


5) Shri Rajesh Tripathi,


Unions representing Seamen


6) Shri Abdulgani Y. Serang,
    General Secretary-cum-Treasurer,
    National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI),


Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI)


7) Shri Vivek Keli,


Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)


8) Shri Vijay Arora,
    Jt. Managing Director


Major Ports


9) Shri Sanjay Bhatia,
    Mumbai Port Trust


Minor Ports


10) Shri Anil Kumar Yendluri,
      Director & CEO,
      Krishnapatnam Port


Offshore Industries


11) Vacant



Ten representatives of maritime states, out of which one each to be nominated by the states or Union territories




1) Shri Sudhir Srivastava, IAS
    Additional Chief Secretary
    Home (Transport & Ports) Department
    Government of Maharashtra

2) Er P. Swaminathan
    Director of Ports,
    Port Department, Puducherry.

3) Shri Sanjeev Khirwar, IAS
    Commissioner–cum–Secretary (Shipping)
    Andaman & Nicobar Administration

4) Capt. R. Mohan
    Director of Ports & Inland Water Transport
    Karwar, Karnataka

5) Thiru A. Karthik, IAS
    Secretary to Government
   (Full Additional Charge)
    Higher Education Department


Members of Executive Council




1) Secretary (Shipping)
    Ministry of Shipping

2) Shri Shambhu Singh, IAS
    Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser
    Ministry of Shipping

3) Shri Amitabh Kumar, IRS,
    Director General of Shipping (Incharge)

4)Joint Secretary (Navy), Awaiting Nomination
    Ministry of Defence,
    New Delhi.

5) Commissioner of Technical Education,
    Directorate of Technical Education,
    Governement of Tamilnadu,

6) Director
    Directorate of Technical Education,

7) Shri Sanjay Bhatia, IAS
      IPA & MbPT,
      New Delhi

8) Awaiting Nomination

9) Awaiting Nomination

10) Awaiting Nomination

11) Awaiting Nomination

12) Awaiting Nomination

13) Cmde. Ashok Bhal (Retd.)
      IMU Kolkata Campus

14) Capt Suresh Kumar Nair V. G,
      IMU Mumbai Port Campus

15) Principal

16) Principal
      Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies

17) Capt. Krishnamurthy Iyer
      Tolani Maritime Institute,

18) Prof. H.P. Khincha
      Indian Institute of Science,

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