Sl.No. As per Ordinance 32 of 2018 published in the Gazette No.62, dated:13.2.2019 Designation of the Officers to be nominated Members nominated
(1) (2) (3) (4)
1 Chairman [ex-Officio] Dean of the School or Vice Chancellor in the absence of Dean Dr. (Mrs.) Malini V Shankar,
IAS (Retd.)
Vice Chancellor-IMU
2 Heads of Departments Head of Department of the School Capt. Mihir Chandra,
Associate Professor
IMU - Chennai Campus
3 IMU Faculty Professor-1 Vacant
Associate Professor-1 Capt. Yogesh Shah
IMU-Navi Mumbai Campus
Assistant Professor-1
of IMU nominated by Vice Chancellor
Capt. Sujit Kumar Pathak,
IMU-Kochi Campus
4 Affiliated Institutes Not more than 4 Subject Experts from Affiliated Institutes nominated by the Vice Chancellor
  1. (i) Capt. Somraj,
    MTI-SCI, Mumbai

  2. (ii)Capt. Santosh Pandey,
    Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Mumbai

  3. (iii)Capt. Anjan Bakshi,
    ARI, New Delhi

  4. (iv)Capt. Philip John,
    The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies,Pune
5 Nominated by DG Shipping 2 Subject Experts nominated by the DG Shipping
  1. (i) Capt. A K Azad,
    Deputy Nautical Advisor,
    Mercantile Marine Department, Chennai

  2. (ii) Capt. Tapesh Ghosh,
    Nautical Surveyor,
    Mercantile Marine Department, Chennai
6 Nominated by Academic Council Not more than 3 Subject Experts who are not employees of the University or of any of its Affiliated Institutes nominated by the Academic Council out of a panel of 6 names proposed by the Vice Chancellor
  1. (i) Capt. James Richards,
    Senior Manager Training,
    Fleet Management Training Institute, Chennai

  2. (ii) Capt. Charanji Singh Nalwa,
    M/s. Synergy Manning & PIC, New Delhi

  3. (iii) Capt. S.Krishnamurthi,
    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    M/s. Navidium India Pvt. Ltd., Kochi.
7 Convener A Senior Faculty nominated by the Vice Chancellor shall be the Convener for all the School Boards Capt. Ganesan Velayutham,
Associate Professor
IMU-Chennai Campus
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