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The School of Nautical Science at Indian Maritime University, established in 1949, is a premier institution in India offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to prepare students for careers in the shipping industry. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, the school offers hands-on learning experiences on board ships and in simulators, as well as access to facilities and resources such as classrooms, labs, and libraries. Notable alumni of the school include Capt. Radhika Menon, the first woman to receive the International Maritime Organization's Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea. Whether students aspire to become deck officers, marine pilots, or maritime safety specialists, the School of Nautical Science has a program to suit their career goals.  

HOD’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Nautical Science. Our program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of navigation, seamanship, and shipboard operations. The program encompasses a wide range of subjects, including Navigation, Cargo Handling and Stowage, Maritime Law and Regulations, Ship Stability, Meteorology, and Marine Communication.Our graduates are highly sought after in the maritime industry and have excelled in a range of careers, including Navigation, Ship Operations, and Marine Surveying.  

Our Faculty

Capt Mihir Chandra

Associate Professor (Nautical Science) (lien)

Capt.Kishore Sunderasan

Professor of Practice (Nautical Science)

Capt. Ganesan Velayutham

Associate Professor

Yogesh Chandralal Shah

Associate Professor (Nautical Science)

Vartul Dixit

Associate Professor (Nautical Science)

Ashish Kumar Majumder

Associate Professor (Nautical Science)

Capt. Giby John

Associate Professor (Nautical Science)

Capt. Sujit Kumar Pathak

Associate Professor (Nautical Science)

Shri S. Viswanathan

Associate Professor (Nautical Science)

Sridevi Devasana

Assistant Professor (Computer Science)

Parag Mehrotra

Assistant Professor (Nautical Science)

Dr.G.Veera Senthil Kumar

Assistant Professor (ECE)

Ms. Shabnam Parveen

Assistant Professor (ECE)

Shri. Amit Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (ECE)

Dr B.V.Ramalingeswara Rao

Assistant Professor (ECE)


Lecturer (Physics)

Dr. Abu Talib


Capt. S.B. Sinha

Nautical Officer

Capt S C Panigrahy

Nautical Officer

Capt. Ashwani Kumar Jhingan

Faculty (Nautical Science)

Capt. Pramod Kumar Singh

Faculty (Nautical Science)

Capt. Deepak Karan

Faculty (Nautical Science)

Capt. Shiv Swaroop

Faculty (Nautical Science)

Smt. Aparana Ernade

Faculty on Contract

Shri. Ashok B Kaku

Faculty (GMDSS)

Shri Hajib Khanna Umanath

Faculty (Radio Communication)

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